Emiliya Radkova MASLAROVA

Born on July 3, 1949 in Yakoruda, Sofia district. Married, has one son.

Completed high school in Plovdiv 1967. Graduated from the University for National and World Economy in Sofia 1972. Post-graduate studies at the Economic Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 1983. Ph.D. in Economy 1983. Research associate in the National Center on Planning 1972-89. Senior research associate and head of section in the Ministry of Economy and Planning 1989-90. Vice-president of the Society for Women's Cooperation on the Balkans - Athens. Member of the Coordination Council and the Executive Bureau of the Democratic Women's Union. Chair of the Democratic Women's Union since 1992.

Not affiliated with any party. Co-chair of the "Patriotic Union" coalition 1994-96. Minister of Employment and Social Care 1990-91. Director of the Agency for Foreign Aid since 1995.

Publications: "The Standard of Living of Young Families" 1979, "Standard of Life - ways of measuring" 1980, "The Consumer Basket of the Bulgarians" 1983, "Public Funds for Consumption" 1989, in total - over 30 scientific publications.

Leisure interests: tourism, music.