Ivan Rusev MARAZOV

Born on March 15, 1942 in the village of Pirne, Burgas district. Married.

Served in the Navy 1959-62. Graduated in Theory and History of Art from "I. E. Repin" Institute in Sankt Petersburg 1967. Works in the Institute for the Study of Art of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences since 1967. Ph.D. 1971 and 1986. Research associate 1971, senior research associate 2nd rank 1977, senior research associate 1st rank 1987. Chief of the Fine Arts section and director of the Institute for the Study of Art 1988-92. Professor and head of the Mythology, Arts and Folklore department at the New Bulgarian University. Editor-in-chief of "Izkustvo" magazine. Expert in the field of antique and Thracian art and culture. Member of the Presidium of the Supreme Certifying Commission. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers and the Union of Bulgarian Painters. Member of the Florence Medici Academy.

Member of BSP. Deputy Minister of Culture 1991. Minister of Culture June 1996-Feb. 1997. Nominated for president by the "Together for Bulgaria" coalition 1996.

Awards: the Union of Bulgarian Painters award for criticism and study of art, international award of the French Cultural Institute "Solanzara".

Publications: 25 scientific books and over 500 articles.