Mitko Dimitrov NITOV

Born on June 25, 1950 in the village of Dabovan, Gulyantsi municipality, Lovech district. Married, has one son and one daughter.

Completed the Technical school for oil-production in Dolni Dabnik 1969. Graduated in Russian Language and Literature from the University in Tyumen, Russia 1982. Worked as electric technician in "Balkanstroy" 1972-76. Building worker in "Glavbolgarstroy" - Tyumen 1976-82. Teacher in the village of Dabovan 1982-83. Electric technician in "Pionerski lageri" (Pioneer Camps) - Pleven 1983-86. Building worker and brigade leader in "Glavbolgarstroy"-Tyumen 1986-89. Building worker in OMK-Pleven 1989-91. Teacher, tutor and principal in a school in the village of Dabovan 1991-95.

Member of BZNS. Member of the regional governing body of BZNS-Nikola Petkov 1990-91. Chairman of the regional governing body of BZNS-Nikola Petkov in Pleven 1991-92. Member of the Governing Council of BZNS-Nikola Petkov and BZNS 1990-96. MP (elected in Pleven) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of the People's Union-BZNS, Democratic Party). Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of the People's Union.

Leisure interests: body-building.