Stefan Stanchev NESHEV

Born on Aug. 21, 1938 in Ruse. Married, has one son and one daughter.

Completed the Mechanical technical school in Ruse 1957. Graduated in Machine Engineering from Ruse University 1970. Post-graduate studies in Gdansk, Poland, 1987. Worked as locksmith in "G. Dimitrov" plant - Ruse 1955. Senior technician in the Research, Design and Construction Institute of Agricultural Machine Building in - Ruse, 1962. Technologist in "V. Kolarov" plant - Ruse 1965. Research associate in NIPKISSM-Ruse, 1971. Head of department in "Dunavski dranazhen flot" ("Danube Dredger Fleet") 1980. Head of department in "Agromashina"-Ruse 1982. Deputy director of the municipal company "ISA-Consult" 1987. Member of "Torpedo"-Ruse. Member of the Society for Physical Education and Sports "Dunav"-Ruse. Chair of the regional boxing referee association in Ruse. Member of the boxing federation plenum of the Bulgarian Union for Physical Education and Sports.

Member of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party (BSDP) 1989-96. Chair of the regional governing body of BSDP in Ruse 1990. Member of the National Committee of BSDP1990-95. Member of the Executive Bureau of the BSDP at the 38th and 40th BSDP congresses. Member of the Movement for Social Humanity. Member of the Political Couincil of the Bulgarian Euroleft since Feb. 1997. MP (elected in Ruse) in the 7th Grand National Assembly (Parliamentary UDF). Chair of the Committee for Protection of Competition since 1991.

Patent author.

Awards: sports medals and other awards.

Leisure interests: reading, music.