Georgi Georgiev PIRINSKI

Born on Sept. 10, 1948 in New York, USA. Married, has one son and one daughter.

Moved to Bulgaria in 1952. Graduated in Economy of Foreign Trade from the University for National and World Economy in Sofia 1972. Research associate at the Research Institute for Problems with the Socialist and Economic Integration. Economist in the "International Organizations" department in the Ministry of Foreign Trade 1974-76. Worked in the Council of Ministers 1976-80. Deputy Minister and First Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade, First Deputy Minister of Trade and Deputy Minister of Foreign Economic Relations 1980-90. Deputy Prime Minister 1989-90.

Member of BSP since 1969. Member of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party 1989-90. Member of the Supreme Council of BSP since 1990. Member of the Presidency and deputy chairman of the Supreme Council of BSP 1990. MP (elected in Blagoevgrad) in the 7th Grand National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of BSP). MP (elected in Plovdiv) in the 36th National Assembly (Parliamentary Union for Social Democracy). MP (elected in Sofia) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Left) 1995. Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan.1995-Nov.1996 (resigned). Nominated from BSP for president in the Oct. 1996 presidential elections, but rejected by the Constitutional Court, on the basis of not being a Bulgarian citizen by birth, in Sep. 1996.