Yoncho Georgiev PELOVSKI

Born on Jan. 1, 1945 in the village of Lik, Mezdra municipality, Montana district.

Completed high school in Mezdra 1962. Graduated from the University for Chemical Technology and Metallurgy in Sofia 1968. Post-graduate studies in Osaka 1979, Tokyo Technological Institute 1980-89, Budapest 1986, and Belfast - Great Britain, 1992-94. Ph.D. in Engineering 1976. Chemical engineer and research associate 3rd rank at the Research Sector of the University for Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (UCTM) in Sofia 1968-74. Research associate and senior research associate 2nd rank at UCTM 1974-89. Associate professor and chief of the Central Research Laboratory at UCTM since 1989. Deputy chief of the Research Sector of UCTM 1990-92. Member of the Union of Chemists in Bulgaria. Chair of the National Society for Thermic Analysis. Member of the Governing Council of the International Association for Thermic Analysis and Calometry. Member of the Academy of Science - New York. Member of the Japanese Scientific Society for Plaster and Lime.

Member of BSP since 1971. Municipal councilor 1990-91. Deputy Minister of Environment 1995-Feb. 1997.

Publications: "Chemical Technology of the Non-organic Industrial Waste" 1986, "Production of Nitrogen Fertilizers" 1993, "Industry and Environment" 1994, 158 scientific articles, 78 copyright certificates, 19 patents.

Awards: Laureate of Dimitrov's Prize for Science and Technology 1985, honorary inventor of Bulgaria.

Leisure interests: music, folklore.