Boncho Draganov RASHKOV

Born on March 26, 1946 in the village of Pomoshtitsa, Popovo municipality, Ruse district. Married, has two children.

Graduated in Engineering from Ruse University. Deputy director of the "Vazhod" machine building plant - Popovo. Director of the Machine-tractor station in the village of Slavyanovo, Ruse district. Director of "Remonten zavod" (Repair Plant) - Popovo.

Chair of the Executive Committte of the Municipal Council/Mayor of Popovo. Chair of the Municipal Council of BSP in Popovo. MP (elected in Popovo single-member electoral district) in the 7th Grand National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of BSP). MP (elected in Targovishte) in the 36th National Assembly (Parliamentary Union for Social Democracy). MP (elected in Targovishte) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Left). Chair of the Commision on Agriculture and Forestry in the 37th National Assembly March 1996-Feb. 1997.