Boris Dimitrov RADEV

Born on Oct. 5, 1931 in Plovdiv. Married, has two children.

Graduated from the People's Military Tank School. Took a Military engineering course at the "G. S. Rakovski" Military Academy in Sofia, as well as some academic courses at the Armor and Tank Academy and the Military Academy of the General Headqurters in Russia. Occupied all command positions related to material and technical supply in the Bulgarian army. Deputy chief of the "Auto Armor and tank equipment" section in the Land Forces' headquarters 1977-79. Deputy commander of the Second Army - in charge of armament and equipment, 1979-86. Chief of the "Armor and tank and Auto-tractor Equipment" section in the Armaments and Equipment Main Office of the Ministry of Defense. Deputy chief in charge of armament and equipment in the department for material-technical and rear supply of the Ministry of Defense. General major in the reserve. Retired 1992-95. Deputy Minister of Defense - in charge of military and economic matters, Sept. 1995-Feb. 1997.