Dimitar Yasenov SARAIVANOV

Born on Apr. 11, 1929 in Nice, France. Married, has two sons.

Completed the French college in Sofia 1947. Graduated from the Technical University in Sofia 1963. Worked in "Olovodobiven zavod" ("Lead Extraction Plant") 1952-60. Technician in "Kremikovtsi" 1962-64. Electrical technician in "Buhovo" Heavy Metals Mine 1965-80. Chair of the General Union of Bulgarian Industry since 1992.

Member of the Democratic Party - 1896 (within UDF). Deputy chair of the Democratic Party - 1896 since 1994. Member of the National Coordination Council of UDF since 1994. MP (elected in Sliven) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of SDS).

Leisure interests: music.