Dimitar Atanasov STOYANOV

Born on Aug. 9, 1958 in Slivnitsa. Married, has one son.

Completed high school in Slivnitsa 1976. Graduated from the Technical University of Sofia (Sliven branch) 1991. Worked as locksmith and die operator in the Plant for Hydro-isolation Materials in Slivnitsa 1978-81. Teacher in the Transport School in Slivnitsa 1983.

Member of the Conservative and Ecological Party (within UDF) since 1992. Member of the Coordination Council of UDF in Slivnitsa 1992-95. Member of the Political Chamber of the Conservative and Ecological Party since 1995. Chief of the "Privatization" section in Slivnitsa municipality 1994-95. MP (elected in Sofia region) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of UDF).