Petko SIMEONOV Petkov

Born on May 11, 1942, in Montana. Married, has four daughters.

Completed high school in Montana. Graduated in Philosophy from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". Ph.D. in Philosophy 1982. Editor in "Mladezh" magazine 1967-69. Research associate and senior research associate 2nd rank 1984 in the Institute of Sociology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 1969-90.

Member of the Governing Council of the Club for Glasnost and Restructuring in Bulgaria 1989. Chair of the Federation of the Clubs for Glasnost and Democracy 1989-91. Member of the Bulgarian Party Liberals since 1991. Chair of the Bulgarian Party Liberals since 1991. Deputy chair of the National Coordination Council of UDF 1990-91. Director of the Agency for Foreign Aid 1991-92. Chair of the coalition Bulgarian Democratic Center 1992-93. Co-chair of the coalition Patriotic Union 1994-96. MP (elected in Plovdiv) in the 7th Grand National Assembly (Parliamentary UDF). Chair of the Demographic Commission in the 7th Grand National Assembly.

Publications: "The Individual Activity" 1982; fiction: "Two Steps to the Roof" 1987; "St. Petka Balgarska" 1992.