Stancho Dimov STAMOV

Born on Aug. 22, 1940 in Burgas. Married, has two sons.

Completed high school in Burgas 1957. Graduated from the Technical University in Sofia 1963. Post-graduate studies at the Academy of Communal Economics - Moscow 1975, and at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany, 1985. Ph.D. in Engineering 1974 and 1986. Designer, chief engineer of a department in a design organization 1963-70. Research associate and senior research associate 2nd rank 1970-76. Associate professor, professor and dean at the Technical University in Sofia 1976-95. Member of the International Organization for Solar Energy. Member of the International Institute for Refrigerators. Member of the Union of Power Engineers.

Not affiliated with any party. Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technologies - in charge of the issues related to university education and science, 1995-Feb. 1997.

Publications: "Central Heating Installations" 1989, "Passive Systems for Utilization of Solar Energy" 1992, "Energy Effectiveness" 1994.

Awards: orders "Order of Labor" - golden 1985 and 1987.

Leisure interests: tennis, contemporary history.