Svoboda STEFANOVA Encheva

Born on June 11, 1944 in Ruse. Divorced, has two daughters.

Completed the Mechanical high school in Ruse 1963. Graduated in Radio-electronics from the Technical University in Varna 1968, and in Illumination Machinery from the Technical University of Sofia 1987. Post-graduate studies in English and Computer Science at the Economic University in Varna 1988-89. Constructor in Ruse. Designer in "Mashproekt"-Ruse 1972-91.

Member of the Conservative and Ecological Party (CEP, within UDF) since 1990. Chairman of the CEP organization in Ruse 1990-96. Member of the National Council of the Green Party 1990-91 and of CEP since 1992. Chair of the National Ecological Chamber of CEP since 1993. MP (elected in Ruse) in the 36th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of UDF). Chair of the Committee on the Environment in the 36th National Assembly. MP (elected in Sofia) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of UDF).