Mityo Petrov VIDELOV

Born on Nov. 16, 1944 in Sofia. Married, has one son.

Completed high school in Ihtiman. Graduated in Architecture from the University for Architecture, Building and Geodesy 1968. Post-graduate studies at the National School for Fine Arts in Paris 1968 and 1993, and in Metz, France 1993. Designer and head of the “Genplan” office-Sofia 1969-85. Head of the “Building and Architecture” department in the City Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party in Sofia 1985. Member of the Union of Architects in Bulgaria. Mayor in the Third Regional Council in Sofia 1985. Chief architect of Sofia 1986-91. Deputy director general of the National Center for Territorial Development and Housing Policy 1993-95.

Deputy Minister of Territorial Development and Construction since 1995.