Tsanko Vasilev YABLANSKI

Born on Sept. 9, 1944 in Byala Slatina, Lovech district. Married, has two children.

Graduated from the Agricultural Academy in Sofia. Assistant professor in the "Genetics and Bredding of Animals" department of the Thracian University since 1975. Associate professor. Professor, Ph.D. since 1991. Deputy dean of the Thracian University in Stara Zagora. Member of the International Scientific Association of Animal Genetics. Member of the European Association of Stock Breeding. Expert in PHARE program in the area of agriculture. Founder of the "Rotary Club" and the "12+1" club .

Not affiliated with any party. Mayor of Stara Zagora municipality from UDF since Nov. 1995.

Publications: over 50 scientific works, textbooks and monographs.