Yumer Yusein YUMER

Born on Dec. 28, 1955 in Krumovgrad, Haskovo district. Married, has one daughter.

Completed the Economics high school in Svishtov 1974. Graduated from the Economic Academy in Svishtov 1990. Economist and accountant. Head of the "Supply" department in Krumovgrad 1980. Chief economist in TKZS (Land Cooperative)-Krumovgrad 1981. Deputy chief and chief accountant of the Agrarian Industrial Complex - Krumovgrad 1981-89. Chief accountant of TKZS-Krumovgrad 1989-91. Chair of TKZS-Krumovgrad 1991-92. Chair of the Liquidation Council of TKZS-Krumovgrad 1992-94.

Member of MRF since 1991. MP (elected in Kardjali) in the 37th National Assembly (Parliamentary Group of MRF).

Leisure interests: hunting, fishing, table-tennis.