Zhelyu Mitev ZHELEV

Born on March 3, 1935 in the village of Veselinovo, Smyadovo municipality, Varna district. Married, has one daughter.

Graduated in Philosophy from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" 1958. Post-graduate studies 1961-64. Librarian in the village of Veselinovo. Member of the Bulgarian Communist Party, expelled in 1965. Interned for political reasons from Sofia in 1966. Unemployed 1966-72. Ph.D. in Philosophy 1974 and 1988. Senior research associate 2nd rank at the Institute for Culture of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 1974-79. Founding member of the Ruse Committee 1988.

Founding member and chairman of the Club for Support of Glasnost and Restructuring 1989-90. Individual member of the Liberal International. Chairman of the Coordination Council of UDF 1989-90. Founder of the Liberal Democratic Alternative party - Dec. 1996. MP (elected in Sofia) in the 7th Grand National Assembly (Parliamentary SDS) 1990. Chairman of the Parliamentary SDS in the 7th Grand National Assembly 1990. Elected for President of the Republic of Bulgaria by the 7th Grand National Assembly in Aug. 1990. The first Bulgarian President elected through direct elections - Jan.1992-97. Lost the primary presidential elections as candidate of the People's Union in June 1996.

Publications: "The Fascism" 1982, "The Real Physical Space" 1989, "Man and His Personalities. A Relational Theory of Personality" 1991.

Leisure interests: tourism, fishing.